We're excited to announce that we've upgraded to a new electronic health record system called Athena 

​Improved Patient Experience: Athena will let us bring you the features you’ve asked for, like online scheduling, self-check-in, and family access portal accounts.

Streamlined Patient Care: Athena's intuitive interface and advanced features will streamline our administrative processes, allowing us to spend more time focused on what matters most—providing you with the highest-quality care.

Data Security and Compliance: Athena's robust security measures and compliance with industry regulations ensure that your data remains safe, secure, and confidential at all times. Protecting your sensitive medical information is of the utmost importance to us. 

Q. Where will I find my healthcare records

For any appointments, lab results, or vaccinations prior to April 16, 2024, you can conveniently access your information through your MyChart portal. Simply visit your MyChart Portal and log in using your credentials. 

For appointments, lab results, or vaccinations after to April 16, 2024 You'll be able to access your updated medical records, lab results, appointment schedules, and more through the Athena portal.

Your Provider's Access to Your Healthcare History

Your CMP healthcare provider will have access to all of your health history with our practice, both before and after the transition to Athena. They will be able to view your medical records, lab results, and relevant data from other healthcare providers through MyChart, ensuring continuity of care and informed decision-making.


Q. Why did you switch to a new health record system? I liked the old one.

 For the last several years, our patients have accessed their healthcare data through MyChart, Epic's patient portal. Epic is a powerful hospital-based system, but it is overly complicated for a practice of our size and type. We needed a system designed for primary care.

Q. So how did you choose Athena?

Athena has a 25-year track record of providing secure and innovative digital solutions to small and mid-sized healthcare facilities and private practices. After intensive research, we settled on Athena because it has the right combination of advanced features and user-friendly access for both our staff and our patients. The new system will allow us to be more efficient and effective in our core role as your primary healthcare providers.

Q. I liked having my CMP health data in MyChart because my other providers and specialists could see all my relevant health data. 

The transition to Athena should not significantly impact the way your healthcare data is shared among your healthcare providers and specialists. Your records in MyChart will remain accessible, and you will not lose access to them. All of your doctors should have access to your records, regardless of which system their clinics use. This access is governed by Federal interoperability regulations. However, it's worth noting that portals are system-specific, and different system vendors may not always be compatible with each other.

Q. Is CMP leaving the Johns Hopkins network?  

We have a close relationship with the Johns Hopkins healthcare system. Our pediatricians enjoy privileges at Howard Hospital; our providers regularly refer patients to Hopkins specialists, and some of our staff are on Hopkins boards.

However, we are an independent, privately-owned medical practice. We are not within the Hopkins network. We think this arrangement provides unique advantages to patients. Our providers are our owners, we live and work in the community, and our CEO sits in our offices every day. Simultaneously our providers have close working relationships with providers in many Hopkins specialty areas.

Q. Does this portal change affect MD VIP patients?

The physicians in the MDVIP program are also transitioning to the Athena system. You’ll still enjoy all the perks of MDVIP membership. You’ll just access your healthcare data in a new place.

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