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Patient Portal FAQs

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  • Is FollowMyHealth™ secure? 

Maintaining your privacy is our top priority and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we meet your expectations as well as all federal and state privacy laws. 

In compliance with federal patient privacy regulations, all transmitted data is encrypted during this process. The data storage is also encrypted for protection. Your login occurs over Secure Socket Layer (SSL, shown as HTTPS in  your browser's address bar), which is an industry standard providing secure communication over the internet used by sites such as online marketplaces or financial institutions.


  • I didn’t get an email invitation. 

The email invitation will come from Please check your spam/junk folder(s) to make certain your email provider did not route the email to these folders.​

  • What are the technical requirements to use FollowMyHealth®?

FollowMyHealth® Universal Health Record is an HTML5 web-based application. It is best viewed in our supported browsers listed below.

> Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9.0 or later
> Mozilla Firefox® 38 or later
> Google Chrome™ 34 or later
> Apple® Safari® 8.0 or later

OS limitations are Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher. All versions of OSX, and Linux are supported. 

If you are having display issues, please visit this site to discover which version of what browser you are on, and if there is an update available.

Due to the restrictions of mobile devices, in order to use the FollowMyHealth UHR, you must have our mobile application installed. Please go here to check out our iPhone/iPad app and here for our Android app.

  • ​What is my Invite Code?

Your invite code is your four-digit year of birth.

  • How long is the Invitation good for?

The invitation is good for 45 days.

  • The username or password you entered is incorrect.

Make sure you are using the correct username.  When you created your specific username, a confirmation email was sent to you with the subject, "FMH Secure Login Account Created."  If you can find that email, it has the correct, connected username in it. 

Ensure the password is being typed in correctly.  The password is case sensitive, so if you used capital letters, make sure you are being consistent.  Also, the password requires a special character, like the ones above the number line on your keyboard [i.e. !@#$%^&*()].  Make sure you are including at least one of those when trying to log in. 

  • If I’m not a current patient of Columbia Medical Practice, but have been a patient in the past, can I set up an account for future use?

​Yes, if you have been a patient at CMP in the past, you can sign up too. However, sign-up must be done in person to confirm your identity and protect your health information. Please be ready to present a photo identification card, like your driver’s license, and your email address.

  • Will I see all of my documents and results?

You will receive a wide range of documents and results including the Clinical Summary, which is a comprehensive view of your visit. However, you will not be able to see every document or result. Some sensitive results are excluded, including results related to the following categories: 

  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Drug and alcohol testing

  • How will I know if something has been added to my portal?

You can be notified when there is new clinical information by email, text message, or both. To set your preference, go to “My Account”→”Preferences”→”Notification Preferences”
A green checkmark will indicate new updates.

  • How can I get access to a dependent adult or my child’s health information?

If you are responsible for the health of a dependent adult or are the parent or legal guardian of a minor, a proxy to provide you with full access to the dependent’s health information is available.