Starting April 16, 2024, we will be using a new health portal.

Patient Portal 

Our Commitment to You

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional healthcare that's personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive.

We understand that transitions can raise questions or concerns. Some patients may miss our previous healthcare portal, MyChart.  

 Our team is here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions about accessing your healthcare information during the transition to Athena or if you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to our office. We're here to help and ensure that your healthcare experience remains seamless and stress-free. Learn how to sign up for your new Athena account and find support here. 

As we make the transition to Athena, you may notice some changes in our processes and procedures. Rest assured, our team is fully trained and prepared to support a smooth transition, minimizing any disruptions to your care.

Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. 

Important transition information

Requesting prescription refills and messaging your provider

Your Providers' Access to Your Healthcare Record

Starting Tuesday, April 16 we will no longer be able to see messages that you send through your  MyChart account. 

We will soon be sending you an invitation to sign up for an Athena healthcare portal account. Once you set up your account you’ll be able to take full advantage of all portal features.

Until then, please call our offices at (410) 964-8500 to reach your provider or request a prescription refill. You may also be able to request a refill through your pharmacy, if they offer that option.

Accessing Your Healthcare History

Link to patient portal by Athena for CMP

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Athena will help us leverage the latest technology and offer you greater convenience, accessibility, and transparency throughout your healthcare journey.

Your CMP healthcare provider will have access to all of your health history with our practice, both before and after the transition to Athena.

Like most major electronic healthcare record systems,  Athena is part of the health information exchange . This means that  - whic is And they will still receive They will be able to view your medical records, lab results, and relevant data from other healthcare providers through MyChart, ensuring continuity of care and informed decision-making.

For any appointments, lab results, or vaccinations prior to April 16, 2024, you can conveniently access your information through your MyChart portal. Simply visit your MyChart Portal and log in using your existing credentials. 

For appointments, lab results, or vaccinations after to April 16, 2024 You'll be able to access your updated medical records, lab results, appointment schedules, and more through the Athena portal..

NOTE: For health records before April 16, 2024, please log into your MyChart patient portal ​ 

Comprehensive Care in One Convenient Location

After careful consideration and extensive research, we've chosen Athena as our new electronic health record system. This transition is part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your overall patient experience.